My BARS Testimonial

This is what changed in my life after receiving the Access Consciousness Bars, SO FAR…

– A sense of peace and calm- I am able to now brush off the things in my life that were causing me stress (i.e. traffic/road rage haha, arguments, guilt)

– I literally feel happier and that I can cope with my life better… I used to have bursts of anger and rage come out of me when pressed in tough and I am now able to get through them without so much anger

– Things started really coming together in more focus, in particular the way I perceived myself and my business

-I understood things better and things that would normally confuse me made more sense…this was gradual and over time and several sessions

– I started my website- I became motivated to take more action in my life and make big leaps in an effort to live authentically to my true self and purpose

– I have more faith and confidence in myself to do things how I see fit for me, and no one else

-My relationship with myself has evolved so much since I started practicing running the Bars, leading to evolution of my other personal relationships as well

– Possibilities are endless :)