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Turn Leftover Rice Into Delicious “Risotto” in under 20 min

My Mushroom And Pea "Risotto"

My Mushroom And Pea “Risotto”

I’m a big fan of getting the most use out of what I cook. Since I am the only “chef” between my husband and I, it is way easier to make rice in bulk (2 cups dry rice) so we can use it for a couple of meals during the week instead of only making what I need for 1 or 2 meals. Since rice is so handy and versatile as far as what you can make with it, its perfect to make in bulk!

So who doesn’t love a good risotto? Being Italian, I know it is a delicacy because mom rarely made it at our house… it is labor and time intensive (about 1 hour constant stirring, not including prep) so when she did, it was savored. If there is a risotto on a restaurant menu, I will usually order it because of this! Now while I love the flavor and all of the love that goes into a homemade risotto, it’s just not practical for those of us who don’t have the kind of time to cook, so tonight I came up with a faster, tastier version. Now while it’s not a real risotto, my husband can’t tell the difference and loved it. I almost forgot to take a picture so I made him stop eating so I could combine our rice on a new plate (to look prettier). We had a larger portion than this but I had to get a pic, hehe!

Bare with me here, I NEVER measure the amount of ingredients I add to a dish (unless following a strict recipe while baking) so be sure to play around with the measurements until you feel comfortable. For now, since this is my first recipe post, I will err on the side of caution and probably make sure the measurements are on the lower side. Moving forward, I will start to think about figuring out my exact measurements, to make following recipes easier. But as with any recipe, add flavor to your own taste!


2 cups cooked rice (I used wild rice which is why the pictured rice is darker)

1/2 cup white wine

2 cubes chicken stock (I make a large pot of broth and freeze half of it in large containers and the rest I freeze in normal ice-cube trays for when I need a little at a time while cooking) I bet you would be fine using between 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup chicken broth

1-2 cups frozen mushrooms (depending on how much mush flavor you like, I used shiitake for this but any edible mushrooms will work)

3/4 cup frozen peas (or more, again depending on your preference)

2 T oil  Use enough to lightly coat the bottom of your pan if food sticks to it!

Butter (optional) I used 2T after I turned off the heat

Salt (to taste) I used about 1T I believe for the whole dish


On Low/Medium heat (I used a mixture of Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive because the heat remained  #3 out of 10 on my electric coil stove), heat the oil then add the leftover rice. Add the 2 cubes of chicken stock and wine, stir and let simmer with top on for a minute or 2 then add your frozen mushrooms and let simmer a few minutes, staying careful of keeping the liquid in the pan and not letting your “risotto” dry out because it needs to be moist and creamy, keep stirring every time you add something. If you think it’s looking dry, add more stock or wine and let simmer another couple of minutes. Add some salt then taste it. Peas don’t take long at all so those should be the last to go in unless you like them mushy haha. Once you are satisfied with the flavor and texture, turn off the stove and you can add in some butter if you like, then plate and enjoy!

This recipe will work with several different variants and additions of proteins, veggies and flavors- I happened to use what was in my kitchen.

If you try it yourself, let me know how it turns out and how the measurements played out for you… What would you add to make yours unique? Have you tried your own “risotto” recipe? I’d love to hear your comments :)