Get in contact with me TODAY for a FREE Health History Consultation :)

Holistic Health Coaching Program (from anywhere)- 6 month programs, normally $195/month* for 6 months

After our health history consultation, the next step is my 6 month program (we meet twice a month- in person, on the phone or virtually) in which we get you to your health goals, step by step, at your pace. Kitchen/Pantry Makeover and Grocery Store Takeover are included in this 6 month program!

Holistic Health Coaching Group Sessions (Local only)- 6 month program, $ varies on amount of people, but typically will be 1/2 of the 1 on 1 coaching program

Get some friends together and let’s have a communal group session. Contrary to belief, group sessions can be just as therapeutic as one on one coaching. OR, if you’re interested in joining a community group session but don’t have a group of your own, let me know and I’ll put you on a list.

Access Consciousness® BARS Session (Local only)- 1 hour session, $95/session, 3 for $250

Are you holding on to judgments from your past that are limiting your present and your future? Do you feel stuck? I can help! I am a Certified Practitioner and for those who are local to the Moscow/Pullman area, I offer these sessions singularly or as a package for better value. Read more about it by clicking on the Access Consciousness® tab up top or here. These sessions are valued at a much higher cost on other websites, I am offering a more affordable option for my clients because I feel like everyone needs a BARS session.

Kitchen/Pantry Makeover (Local only)- 1 hour session, $60/session

This is where you invite me over to raid your kitchen/pantry and I let you know what is good and not so good to consume. We’ll look at ingredients together and I’ll give you suggestions for healthier options and provide you some tips on what you can cook with what you already have.

Grocery Store Takeover (Local only)- 1 hour session, $60/session

Let’s go shopping together! For groceries that is. I’d take you down the aisle of your go-to grocery store and show you great options to transition to on your health journey. I answer your questions and provide shopping lists and recipes tailored to your taste!

Cooking Demo (Personal or Group, Local only)- 1-3 hour session, $95-$250 (price also varies depending on cost of food)

You want to learn more about cooking you say? Great, I LOVE to cook! You can come to me or I can come to you and show you some great, simple recipes and tricks of the trade.

From anywhere= phone call, FaceTime, Google Video call

Local= The Moscow, ID/Pullman, WA Area

Click on the CONTACT ME link up top to reach me about any of my services, or hit me up on Social Media with any of the icons floating over on your right!

* I know my work is extremely valuable and can change your life so it is worth EVERY penny, I also realize some people just don’t have the disposable income so after our initial consultation, if you like, I may be able to A. coach you in some spending habits that aren’t working for you or B. possibly offer a sliding scale for payment