Hello world!

I am so excited to have this site up and “running” today, I had been thinking about putting this website together for quite some time and I finally took the plunge! It feels gooooooooood.  Since this is my first post, I would like to tell you a little about myself, my journey to becoming a health coach, where I picture this website going and so forth!

About Me…

Who am I? I’m a bit crazy in many regards (more on this to come), just know this out the gate and keep it in mind. I am 29 as I type but will be 30 in less than 2 months, OMG, let’s do this! I am first generation Italian-American and have a loving, supportive and loud family. I married my one and only 2 years ago and have been doing the marriage thing since then. They weren’t lying when they said it takes work, boy it does! But we love each other and are ever-excited about our journey together. My Bachelor’s degree is in International Business which I have yet to utilize efficiently but have recently taken the most important leap in my life and have decided to become a certified holistic health coach.

I could probably just talk about myself for paragraphs on end so to keep it somewhat brief, in this paragraph I will just list things out about myself and you can tune in or out (and because I am new to WordPress and cannot find the line-spacing button, I can only write in paragraph form) so here is my “list”: I was born and raised in The Bay Area, CA, currently live in Vancouver, WA, I will have curly hair for life!, I have a lot of freckles, I am the baby of my family, I have 2 older brothers, I have 1 nephew (and he’s the cutest ever….no seriously), I am a free spirit, I am very positive (it keeps me sane), I loooooove simplicity but have a knack for drama when things are too calm and simple (here is some of that crazy peeking through), I think my grammar is great but in reality I use commas and parenthesis way too often… oh and these 3 dots…and exclamation points because I’m a pretty ecstatic person!!!, I love authenticity and just being real which can also be vulnerable, I love adventure, I love children, I love soccer, I had ACL reconstruction surgery due to loving soccer, I love to travel, I love to cook (JERF), I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in 2011, I “cured” my PCOS (more on this to come) by 2013, I love supplements (probably too much), I love to grocery shop (Dork I know! I’m all about that organic, nonGMO, unprocessed base), I love investigating health and the body, I love how holistic health treats the ailment from the inside –> out, because really, what is more thorough than that? Oh and I love to not proofread… I will do my best to keep this page professional and neat but cut me some slack once in a while.

Becoming a Health Coach

I am an aspiring holistic health coach (graduation- Sept 2015, IIN) and quite possibly, at the happiest point in my life because I have finally found the direction my life is supposed to be headed (its been a journey to this point) along with being content in the other areas of my life of course. But as we know, its a balance game, and any area of life can fall behind if neglected so for now, contentment is in balance! I have always enjoyed helping people, which can mean any number of things and quite frankly did mean many things, as I always tried to find a way to make someone else’s life a bit easier or better, even if they didn’t want it. But the last 4 years of my life created a funnel of how I wanted to help people, this all lead me to holistic health and wellness and being a health coach seemed the natural path at this point. I want to help people understand their health, listen to their bodies, take manageable steps to become healthier and have that Clean WILL Of Health so they can really enjoy more things in their life.

What is a Health Coach?

As defined by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (the school I’m attending), a health coach is “a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices. Health coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.” So health coaches look at the whole person, including diet and lifestyle, this is an area in which doctors don’t usually look at because they aim to treat your symptoms. We work together to make the small changes you need to get to a healthier version of you, basically we try to help clients where doctors can’t because either they don’t have the time or the resources. With our healthcare system struggling to keep us all healthy, health coaches act as that liaison between the people and healthcare providers, and with the rise of health coaches, hopefully we’ll be able to help more people!

The Future of Clean Will of Health

Honestly, I love reading other people’s blogs. I love being able to search Google for anything and up pops a blog with some relevant info on it. I wanted to start my own blog years ago but scary thoughts halted that. The most recurring scary thoughts are: I thought that people wouldn’t listen to me, I didn’t have enough expertise, I’m always going through my own health issues so who would want any info from me because I don’t have it completely together myself? Now I have learned that my scariest thoughts are all very common fears, and what better way to conquer your fears… than to jump in head first?!

I have many ideas for the direction(s) of this website and I hope to one day be able to touch on each idea. For now (short term), I will share health insight that I know has helped me, ways I have helped friends and family with their specific health goals, and of course those awesome products and people that got me helped me along my journey. Later (medium term) I’d like to be able to use this site as a way to help you takes steps to better your own health and implement a health program and my services as a certified holistic health coach. Also in the medium term I’d like to start a podcast of sorts and talk to real people about health. Much later (long term) I’d like to be an inspiring speaker and health coach, helping people turn around their lives and literally make the world a better place for each of us. I want to be able to connect with people all over the world, raise awareness of current nutrition, health and wellness.

Along this journey I will be learning about WordPress (I am tech-challenged) and making this site look the way I want it to look, which according to this crazy gal, may be ever-evolving. Occasionally I will slip in something you may think doesn’t relate to health but I hope I can finagle it in a way that either it won’t matter and you’ll appreciate it anyhow or (fingers-crossed) you’ll just be hanging on my every word ;). Leave a comment and introduce yourself, where are you from? What do you want more information on relating to health?

– Sofia :)