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The BEST Way To Pop a Zit!!!

Sooooooooo, I might make some of you cringe with this one! I realize ACNE doesn’t affect everyone, but if you know someone dealing with acne, zits or pimples (I don’t like any of those word but I’m sticking with “zits” for the sake of the post) please pass this along as a good way to pop them without scarring. And while I am a true believer in holistic healing from the inside out and fixing acne/zits from within, sometimes it is one hell of a long ride to healing and it’s always good to have a backup plan when a little (or BIG) red monster zit creeps up on you!

Sadly, whether occasionally or frequently, many of us can relate to getting zits, right? Or maybe you feel like you are the only one around getting them, not true! Having suffered from PCOS, I know I had to worry about zits popping up at some really inopportune times (weddings, job interviews, dates, oh my!!).

Photo cred: Andrei Porfireanu

Photo cred: Andrei Porfireanu

I have been tweaking and perfecting my zit-popping-ritual for over a decade now and have put it all in one neat place for you. As you might be able to tell if you continue reading, I have grown fond of popping zits, while I don’t enjoy getting them, I really like the ritual of bursting them, watching the pus come out and cleaning it up for proper healing. Call me crazy!

Here is my tried and true solution to popping zits the best way with the least recovery time and without scarring!



Following the whole method is the KEY.

  1. Night Popping- Let’s say you have a zit forming on your face, and you notice it when you wake up in the morning. DON’T pop it then!! What I have noticed is that when I’ve popped my zits during the day is that my fingers (subconsciously and consciously) wanted to be around my popped zit all day, causing more bacteria to get into my open zit wound. Has anyone else noticed this? After you pop it, you are so aware that it is on your face, and it still oozes. Popping zits at NIGHT is the way to go! If you pop your zit right before you go to sleep, it has the whole night to restore and heal without any grubby fingers touching it. This is also when the rest of your body is restoring and healing, SCIENCE,  so there you go ;). I realize no one wants to walk around all day with a big, red zit on their face, or worse, a whitehead but sometimes you gotta suck it up today for the sake of tomorrow and this week’s beauty! (See below for some quick inflammation reducers in emergency)
  2. Whiteheads are best- Now before you pop the zit (AT NIGHT), it’d be best if it has a white head but I’ve worked some without white heads and can attest to similar results even if the zit is almost ready. If it does not have a white head then you need to be sure the zit is ready to pop and ooze the good stuff (this takes experience haha), otherwise you risk squeezing to hard leading to possible scarring. To ease the process of getting a zit to form into a whitehead, finger-touching comes in handy. So if I feel a zit coming on during the day, i’ll touch it with my fingers as much as  possible to get it to form a white head so I can pop it that night! Gross I know :/ but it works!
  3. Clean Fingers and Clean Tweezers- This is especially important to not spread bacteria and/or infection, I wash my hands and tweezers with hot, soapy water and usually wipe the tips of my tweezers with Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol before and after popping. If you don’t like using these to clean, just sterilize by setting tweezers or needle in distilled boiling water for 2 minutes.
  4. Sharp Tweezers or needle- I don’t condone using needles, mainly because I love my Tweezerman tweezers (shout-out to Tweezerman! I love these tweezers for many reasons), you’ll want something sharp that can poke a very small hole on the tip of your zit. Now while tweezers we most likely not intended for zit-popping and it may frighten some of you- I assure you, it is not as painful as it sounds. Because the skin on your pore is already fragile and easily penetrated (i.e. the zit is full of goopy pus) tweezing a tiny little hole on top won’t hurt as bad as NOT tweezing a tiny hole and just squeezing your fingers together for dear life. Making a tiny hole is important because it lets the goopy pus come out easily and with direction.
  5. Squeezing- After you tweeze a tiny hole, you’ll need to force out all the goopy pus (white/yellow/greenish). It is important to get ALL the pus out otherwise the zit will be twice as big and red the next day!!! How do you do this? Take 2 clean fingers (and squeeze the zit from the sides: East and West), make sure you have tissue or toilet paper handy to catch the pus. After you squeeze once from the sides (use 2 fingers again and squeeze from the top and bottom: North and South). Keep switching after squeezes, East/West & North/South, until no more pus comes out. After the pus is all out you should see a little blood, usually this means the wound is clear of goop but can also be deceiving sometimes because I’ve seen a little blood mixed with goop when I’ve squeezed a little to hard. A good indicator is if when you run your clean finger over the open zit wound that it is not raised to a head like the zit was at first, because all the pus will be gone it shouldn’t feel like a zit anymore to your finger. Now you’ll still have a slight bump and it will be RED and inflamed so you won’t want to go out in public afterward, hence WHY you do this RIGHT before bed. Also, schedule nookie time appropriately if you’re worried about it ;).
  6. Washing the zit wound- I found what works for me after I pop a zit is to immediately wash the zit with warm/hot soapy water. Since I don’t use soap on the rest of my face, I only spot-wash my zit which is me just soaping and washing the 1/2 inch radius around my zit as well as my zit, I get up in there with the soap to make sure it doesn’t come back with a vengeance the next day!  Then I cleanse my face with my normal skin routine at night and apply a light moisturizer. After washing and drying, you may notice some residual clearish-colored oozing, this is good! It will dry on its own pretty quickly. Don’t touch it with your fingers, bring a tissue to bed and blot your oozing zit a few times before you fall asleep if you like.
  7. Get a good night’s sleep- I’ve popped a zit or 2 at night having had an awful night’s sleep (3-5 hours) and awoken with a not-so-happy zitty and painful wound the next morning so please give yourself ample time for rest so your whole body can repair.
  8. The next morning- If you are like me, you may be excited to see what your zit looks like the next morning and how much better it looks. If done properly, it should just have a teeny tiny reddish scab that will go away within a day or 2. DON’T TAKE the scab off and try not to pack on the makeup because bacteria can still get into the wound with a scab. If you are desperate for coverage for your tiny red scab, blot a little light green powder on it- NOTE, I only do this in emergencies because I like the zit to dry out naturally with no makeup on or around it. But you should not see a bump of any sort. Personally, I think the worst part of zits/acne is the bumps that come with it so I’m usually a happy camper when the bump is gone the next day and the healing is underway. If you will be in the sun, apply an SPF, if only on your zit at least, preferably an SPF without all the nasty chemicals in it!

For those of you that need a quicker fix, you can try some of these:

dab on lavender or tea tree essential oil,  or an aspirin/water paste for 10 min, rub a potato slice on it, or do a honey mask

I’d love to hear from you, what rituals and products have you tried on zits? Has it worked? What is your tried and true method?

I am in no way getting paid to promote anyone’s products, The product I link to in this article or have linked to in past article are of products I personally use and love, and I would never promote something that I didn’t love and use myself