My Story

So we all have a life story and I’m not writing a novel here…at least not trying to! So this is my health story, or the story that got me to be where I’m at in the health field. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I studied and became certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I am also a trained Access Consciousness® BARS Practitioner, learn about the BARS here.

My journey to health began in 2010. I was still working as a server in a restaurant, I had graduated college 2 years prior (BS in International Business) and I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted my life to look like. I was doing a lot of research on health at the time because a family member was suffering from depression and I myself was noticing firsthand, what a difference health can mean for your body. So I decided to get off birth control and let my hormones get back to functioning naturally (the way nature intended them). I assumed that because I’d been on birth control about 9 years, it may take a month or two for my body to adjust to my normal menstruation schedule. So I waited…and waited….and waited for Aunt Flo to visit. She didn’t show up, I kept waiting….and waiting and finally after waiting 6 whole months, she showed up unexpectedly and when she did, she brought some rude visitors with her. With this long awaited period came some HORRIBLE acne (the deep, never-formed-a-whitehead-kind) all over my face, jawline and upper neck. I should let you know that I had irregular periods to begin with as a teenager which is why my doctor put me on the birth control pill at 17.

Fast forward to a few weeks after getting my long awaited period and weeks of having this adult acne (that I never experienced before), I decided to set an appointment with my gynecologyst and see if I could get any insight. My gyno did a full blood panel on me, and called me back in for the results. He told me I was borderline pre-diabetic, that I had extremely high testosterone, and a bunch of other really negative things but those were the 2 majors that stood out to me. Then we did an ultrasound and found out that both of my ovaries looked like they had a balled-up pearl necklace in each of them. He said that this meant I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

“Ummmmmm OMG, WHAT IS THAT?!?” I asked my doc. He explained that PCOS is an incurable syndrome and the only thing he could help with was giving me prescription medication to relieve the symptoms, which would A. only take care of the symptoms and might cause a ruckus in other areas of my body and B. (also related to A.) didn’t get to the root cause of my PCOS, which is what I needed. I wanted to heal from the inside out because I wanted to get rid of it for good. According to Wikipedia, the symptoms include “irregular or no menstrual periods, heavy periods, excess body and facial hairacne, pelvic pain, trouble getting pregnant, and patches of thick, darker, velvety skin.” Everything most women don’t want, right? On top of these listed symptoms, I had really high testosterone and found it difficult to maintain my weight. I didn’t like what the doc told me and definitely didn’t want to take my chances with Accutane so I went about my own holistic journey to try and figure out what was actually causing my body to create cysts in my ovaries. This is where my inquisitiveness of getting to the root cause and looking at “the whole picture” of my health came into play because I understood that treating the symptoms wouldn’t solve my problem, they would only “numb the pain” temporarily.

In short, I changed my diet from eating mostly restaurant-type foods (french fries, conventional meats, other fried foods, breads, pastas, quesadillas, occasional veggies and salads, etc) to a clean, whole foods diets. I also started supplementing my diet with vitamins, starting drinking clean water and stopped drinking water from recycled water bottles and became way more conscious of what I put in my body. Along with my physical transformation came a mental, emotional and spiritual transformation as well and I will talk about this one day.

Being a self-proclaimed foodie, having grown up in an Italian-American household and really identifying with other people through food and drink made this transition hard. The transition is still hard and I am still going through it but in the end, I know my body thanks me and likes the changes I have made and will continue to do so.

Biking through the Pullman, WA wheat fields

Biking through the Pullman, WA wheat fields

In 2013, 2 years after I underwent the journey and transition to health, I had another ultrasound done and found out the cysts on my ovaries were gone. Not one little cyst remained! By this time, I also no longer had cystic acne on my face/jawline/neck, irregular periods or high testosterone and my blood panel came back completely healthy!

Since “healing” my ovaries in 2013, I no longer have symptoms of PCOS. I am still on my journey to total health and believe I am meant to help and heal others on their own journeys as well. It all starts with a WILL to get better ;).