Are YOU Reading the Ingredient List Under the Nutrition Label???

New VLOG alert!!

So you bought a bag of something to snack on, a processed food, I get it because I personally love snacking on crunchy, salty things like chips.

Do you buy foods only because of the brand? Do you read the list of ingredients on the back? Can you pronounce each item? Do you know how¬†each ingredient affects your body? Do you know that corn starch and citric acid, unless otherwise specified (like “NONGMO verified”), are genetically modified? Do you know what food starch and natural flavors really are?

These are all important things to know about when buying food that is supposed to “fuel” you. Do you want to be “fueled” by GMO’s, pesticides, and MSG? I don’t.

Ideally, a diet that is primarily whole-food-based is best, but when you need a processed food to keep you going, make sure you know what each ingredient is, pay attention otherwise you’ll get taken advantage of!


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